If you are in the market for a good vacuum cleaner, you may be wondering what types of vacuums are available. One type that is always popular with many buyers is the canister vacuum cleaner. This article is discussing why you should buy a canister vacuum.

What Is a Canister Vacuum?

A canister vacuum, sometimes called just a “canister,” is an electric appliance that uses suction to clean up dirt and debris. These vacuums are often motorized, but you will also find manual ones, usually electric.

The canister itself is a storage device for all of the parts (except the hose) of the vacuum. It is usually round, with one end open and one end closed. The canister attaches to the central vac, which is the part that cleans and is generally made out of plastic or metal.

The canister usually has a hose attached to it so that you can get it close to the surface you’re cleaning and get all of the dirt under your control. Hoses vary in length and diameter, but flexible hoses for most vacuums are of typical size. The tube cannot be longer than 9 feet because it must reach from the central vacuum to the canister.

There are many different types of vacuums having canisters, so it is essential to know whether or not you need to be concerned about the size of the canister. Canister vacuums are also known for being relatively easy to store.

The parts are pretty easy to disassemble, so you don’t have any trouble getting the vacuum put away when it is not in use. Since you only need the hose attached when in use, it stays out of your way when you’re not using it.

Features of Canister Vacuum

Now that we’ve learned a bit about canister vacuums and how they work, we need to know what features to look for in one. A few things make these vacuums rise above the rest, and it is essential to consider each of these before you buy.

  1. Suction

The first thing to consider is the type of suction power available. The canister vacuums usually have various levels of suction power available, and you should be aware of how much suction power you particularly need.

  1. Accessories

Canister vacuums also come with a large selection of accessories, giving them an advantage in higher vacuums. This access can include:

 What Type of Vacuum Should You Consider Buying?

There are two types of vacuums to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner:

  1. Bagless
  2. Bagged.

Which Vacuum Should I Consider Buying: Bag or Bagless?

In an attempt to remove dirt from surfaces, bag-style vacuum cleaners can use a bag or disposable dust chamber that collects and traps fine particles. However, these types of vacuums typically don’t last as long and require frequent emptying and cleaning of bags; they’re not always convenient for large homes with multiple floors.

On the other hand, bagless vacuums contain no bags or chambers; they use filters to trap dirt and debris inside their powerful motors. They typically come with 1 to 2 hours of continuous suction power; however, this can be extended by adding more filters (which require constant changes). These units are often called “cleaner” because the dirt that gets into them needs to be manually pulled out through a separate hose.

A lot is dependent on your budget, and you must narrow down which one is ideal for you. Both have pros and downsides that must be weighed before purchase, as with many other options.

Best Canister Vacuum 

The preceding sections have given us a good idea about the different types of canister vacuums available on the market and some things we need to consider when choosing one. 

Now that we know some of the features available in a canister vacuum, it is time to look at some good ones for purchase. Below is an excellent choice of canister vacuum that is sure to get the job done at home!

The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik SD20505 comes with variable suction power, making this vacuum very useful for cleanup around the house. With this model, not only can you get up to 25 minutes of continuous power, but you can also turn the suction up and down.

The hose on this unit is 9 feet long and made out of very durable material, so you don’t need to worry about the hose breaking anytime soon. Furthermore, the unit comes with a tool that helps you get into smaller places quite quickly.

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Although many vacuum cleaners require bags for holding the dirt and dust they attract, others can be used without them. Bagless versions are arguably the most popular among this vast range because of their ease and cleaning capacities.

Bagless vacuum cleaners do not use bags; instead, filters capture dirt and dust.

 These units are more powerful, efficient, and convenient than their bag-type counterparts.


1. Can you do the same thing with a bagless vacuum that you can with a bagged one?

Yes, they are both designed to do the same things, but there are some differences. One of the most significant differences is that bagged vacuums have replaceable bags, while bagless ones have replaceable filters. Because of this, when choosing between the two, you should consider what kind of storage space you have in your home or office and the frequency of usage.

2. What is the best brand of canister vacuum?

The best brand of canister vacuum doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best one on the market, but rather that it is a brand that you trust and will continue to buy from. Many people continue to purchase a specific type of vacuum because they know what to expect and won’t be disappointed. For many, this means purchasing from a small business instead of going with a large corporation.

3. How do I know what vacuum I need?

While this may be one of the more difficult decisions you will make, it is also essential. You need to know what you are trying to accomplish by purchasing this particular vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for a canister vacuum cleaner, you should first determine what home or apartment and its many floors. Compare this information to the power and length of the cord that you plan on using. Also, consider what kind of surfaces you want to clean often and which areas you want to clean more than others.

4. What kind of vacuum cleaner should I get?

Canister vacuums are the most popular type of vacuum cleaner in the United States. These units collect dirt or dust and direct it inside its hose or beater bar for easy removal. They are considered more potent than bag-style units because they can suck up more dirt in less time.